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Bazooka Bandanas are as unique as the people who wear them. Gorgeous colors, quality construction, and many styles to choose from makes a Bazooka bandana an almost one-of-a-kind fashion statement. So you … so different … so perfect for so many occasions!

Welcome to Bazooka Bandanas, your best resource for unique, beautiful, or custom bandanas online. We offer a full line of bandanas in unique fabrics for fashion, uniform, restaurant workers, all occasions, and pets.

Bazooka Bandanas limited editions of most designs means that you will look and feel trendy, special, and stylish. But should you need to look like a team, we can do that, too! Contact us for larger orders and coordinating styles.


Musicians: Stand Out with Bazooka Bandanas
Musicians: Stand Out with Bazooka Bandanas

September 16, 2017

Bazooka Bandanas could help you on your rise to stardom. Sound too easy? Read on to see how!

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Go Beyond Hats with Bazooka Bandanas
Go Beyond Hats with Bazooka Bandanas

September 09, 2017

Bazooka Bandanas are the best hat alternative you have never considered. While hats certainly have their place in the world, there is plenty of things about them that can make them unideal for certain circumstances.

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Size Guide

RECTANGLE - measures approximately 33 x 13.5 inches; offers more wearing variations.
SQUARE - measures approximately 24 x 24 inches; an American staple that fits almost anyone.
SMALL - measures between 21 - 23 inches per side; for pets, gift wrap, children, small adults.
WRAP - measures approximately 33 x 4 inches with tapered ends; perfect for hair wrap.